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20/20/20: A combo class of cardio/power drills,/Abs-sure to bring your heart rate up while toning all of your muscle groups.

Align & Flow:  Class focuses on proper alignment of the poses to fit each person’s body. Breaking each posture down in detail so students can learn each pose fully.

Barre Sculpt: This class combines sculpting exercises with weights and cardio for a total body workout. Mat work at the end of class targets the core and completes the workout.

Barre Fusion: A full-body conditioning workout, incorporating body weight resistance, light weights, high reps, barre work and stretching.  

Barre Interval: A total body workout with one minute intervals, this class aims to keep your heart rate pumping and the calories burning!

BOOM: A complete body workout moving from station-to-station, while keeping your heart rate elevated with intermittent cardio blasts.

Boot Camp: 60 minutes of functional conditioning and weight training.

Butt n Gut: 45-minute focus on training everyone’s favorites…the glutes and abs.

Cardio Combat: In this 60-minute cardiovascular class, learn the amazing art of Thai Boxing infused with Mixed Martial Art circuit training.

Cardio Cut: Sculpt your muscles while increasing your heart rate for maximum fat burning.  This class incorporates weights, bands, body bars, and steps for a full-body workout.  All levels.

Cardio Dance: A combination of aerobic dance, low impact boxing, freestyle dance, core training, and upper body strength training. A great mix of music with a variety of movement! You’ll have so much fun, you won’t even be thinking about the amazing workout you’ll be getting!

Core and More: This class targets the core stability muscles in the abdominal region, focusing on form and technique involved in toning all parts of the body.

Core Fusion: Our newest core-focused fusion class! Complete alternating timed rounds of mat and standing exercises designed to activate and strengthen core muscles.

Dance Fit: This class incorporates the fun of dancing with a hard workout. Have fun while breaking a sweat with Dance Fit!

Fit Body: Continuous movement burns tons of calories while toning your muscles from head to toe.  Using weights, body bars and more, you will work your entire body in this high-energy strength training class!

H.I.I.T: High Intensity Interval Training: HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is an enhanced, intense and highly time-efficient form of interval training that conditions the whole body, boosting fitness, strength, stamina and overall physical functionality. 

Interval Step/Sculpt: A Body Sculpt class incorporating cardio intervals on the steps to keep your heart rate elevated.

Mat Pilates: Work your core and entire body through pilates. Help posture problems and lengthen your muscles through controlled movements. Challenging but well worth it!

Pilates: Based on the work of Joseph Pilates, this class is designed to strengthen the core muscles while emphasizing spinal alignment and improve posture.

PIYO®: A high intensity, low impact workout combining the muscle sculpting benefits of Pilates and the flexibility benefits of yoga. PIYO gives hardcore definition, high caloric burn and total body strength without weights and without jumping. Results happen by progressing quickly through non-stop fluid movements, while using only your body weight as resistance.

Power Sculpt: A challenging and effective workout that burns calories while building muscular strength and endurance

Power Step: 60 minutes of high energy step mixed in with weight training intervals adds up to one calorie kicking class.

Pure Strength: 60 minutes of low impact strength training using body bars, dumbbells, stability balls, medicine balls, BOSUs and more!

Sculpt & Burn: Results focused workout that improves muscle tone, posture, balance and strength. Utilizes dumbbells, bosu, gliders, etc.

STRONG by Zumba™: Combines High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) with the science of Synced Music Motivation. In every class, music and moves sync in a way that pushes you past your perceived limits, to reach your fitness goals faster. This is not a dance class.

TS Bar 45: All the benefits of a Barre Fusion class in a 45 minute format.

Zumba Toning: Now you can tone your body from head to toe with Zumba Toning from Training Station! In this class, you will incorporate Latin dance fitness in order to keep your heart pumping while promoting an overall toned body.

Zumba™: Ditch the workout and join the party the Zumba way! Motivating music and dance moves with a Latin flavor that is guaranteed to get you going!



Fit Cycle: A high endurance ride with a fast cadence that also incorporates weights during the class. This is not your average SPIN class!

Indoor Cycling: A pure cardio workout simulating outdoor bike rides, this class is not only a high powered calorie burner, but also an efficient way to improve overall fitness levels. Join in on the fun and ride!



Align and Flow Yoga: Class focuses on properly aligning the poses to fit each person’s body. Postures are broken down in detail so the practitioner can learn to do each pose to their full ability. Then they will use that alignment to flow through the practice. Recommended for all levels.

Fast Flow Yoga: This class focuses on a quick paced flowing sequence through the postures. Helps to build and generate heat allowing for deeper flexibility. Pose range from basic to intermediate.  Class is recommended for practitioners who already have the foundations of the practice.

Intermediate Hot Yoga : A sequence of yoga positions in a heated studio to help with stretching and flexibility, also increasing endurance by practicing in temperatures up to 90 degrees.

Iyengar Yoga: A complete approach providing practical tools for students of every level and physical condition for body, health, vitality, mental clarity, emotional serenity, and overall well-being.

Iyengar Yoga (Level 2-3): Take your training to the next level with Iyengar Yoga (Level 2-3)! This class is a step up because it takes everything you learned from the basic course and incorporates them with new moves and at a more moderate pace. If you are ready for the next step, the Iyengar Yoga (Level 2-3) is the class for you!

Kundalini Yoga: Known as the “yoga of awareness,” Kundalini yoga can bring great shifts for positively enhancing your life. It is the meditative mind where we find our truth. This is the place of peace and calm that exists within all of us. We will find this place through movement, breath work and mantra. Every time we practice awakening our kundalini, we grow exponentially. Each breath becomes a journey unto itself as the mind finds a way back to acknowledging our own divinity.

Open Level Yoga: This class affords you the opportunity to experience a flowing Vinyasa style that builds strength and flexibility. Props are encouraged to develop proper alignment and the holding of postures. Great for all levels of students.

Restorative Yoga: This class is for students of all levels. You will encounter a soothing series of supported, rejuvenating poses, that are held using props. This practice will help align your body to the proper position.

Sunrise Yoga: Some say the best time to practice yoga is in the early morning. Now you can do just that with Sunrise Yoga classes at the Training Station! The morning is when your spiritual energy is at its peak and therefore it is the prime time to practice Sunrise Yoga.

Yoga Basics: For students new to yoga or those looking to take it back to the basics. Learn breath and body awareness, optimal posture and body mechanics.

Yoga Basics and Alignment: Interested in yoga but don’t know where to start? This class is just for you! Experience the basics of yoga through breath and body awareness. The Yoga Basics class will also teach you optimal posture and body mechanics so you can become a yoga expert in no time! For students new to yoga or those looking to take it back to the basics. Learn breath and body awareness, optimal posture and body mechanics.

Yoga Intermediate: Recommended for students practicing regularly for at least 3 months. More advanced postures and sequences are introduced. Students should have an understanding of basic postures and alignment.



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