Correct the Damage of Sitting All Day

Correct the Damage of Sitting All Day

We’ve all heard that sitting all day is bad for our health. The fact that a lot of people have office jobs where they sit all day doesn’t help this statement. What does sitting for extended periods of time due to your body and how can it be corrected? At Training Station, we’ve come up with some answers to these questions!

Why is sitting bad?
Studies show that those who sit all day are at a higher risk for heart disease and type-2 diabetes. When sitting for a while, your body starts building up troponins, a protein that heart muscles release when damaged. This protein is what doctors look for when a person has a heart attack! Of course, these health conditions are not guaranteed to happen from sitting excessively, but won’t do your body wonders. Sitting for a while weakens muscle groups like your legs, glutes, and core, while also tightening your hips, stiffening of your neck and shoulders, and putting stress on your spine. Even if you maintain perfect posture in your chair, the pressure put on your spin by sitting in a chair is still significant when compared to standing up.  Gluteal Amnesia, aka “dead butt syndrome” can also occur when sitting for a while. All of these physical impacts are cause for when you quickly stand up, your body can feel weak and fatigued.

How to combat physical fatigue
Now that you know the damage sitting can do, how can you combat it? Naturally, there are workouts you can do to stay active at work. However, you may not have enough time to practise these daily. So what else can you do? Workout! Take time after work to workout areas of your body that may have gotten weaker. Have you heard the expression, “if you don’t use it, you lose it?” Well if you don’t use your muscles, they are sure to get weak! You can also do stretches before long periods of sitting down. Performing leg lunges, squats, and other quick and easy workouts can help prevent muscle imbalances, soreness, and strain on your body. Although it may not be easy to change the jobs we have, try changing the amount of time you take sitting down. Go for a walk during your break or possibly get a standing desk. These can help combat physical strain.

There are numerous effects put on your body when sitting for an extended period. We can’t prevent having to sit for hours but there are ways to effectively change how you recuperate from the damage put on your body. By working out the muscles that are strained from daily life, you will help prevent serious damage to your body. pandora pendientes pandora pendientes

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