Developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, Pilates is a major trend in modern workouts. A stretching-based workout, Pilates helps condition the body for better performance in all aspects of working out.

Similar to yoga, pilates is a great form of exercise to improve your balance. It is also great for alleviating back pain and can even help with muscle conditioning. This method of exercise stretches and strengthens your body, and is proven to be an important class to take in order to balance your body. Pilates can also help with your breathing. During the class, breathing is a key factor and you will certainly benefit by increasing your lung capacity and circulation.

Our Pilates classes teach you how to use your muscles to better improve all of your other workouts. Making this an essential class in order to properly work out each of your muscle groups. But also through proper breathing, your workouts will become much more efficient. Increasing your muscular and mental capabilities as well as learning proper posture is the real purpose of practising Pilates and you will achieve this in our Pilates classes.





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