3 Popular Obstacle Course Races in New York

3 Popular Obstacle Course Races in New York

      Consider yourself an adrenaline junkie? Does the thought of hurdling over fire, scaling over walls, ducking under barbed wire, and crawling in mud excite you?? If so, let us introduce you to the world of obstacle course racing.

Testing your mental, physical, and emotional limits- these soul searching adventures have skyrocketed in popularity over the last couple of years.  

Attracting over 5.6 million participants in 2016, did you know that obstacle course racing has actually become more popular than marathons according to a study done by Running USA? And with the spring season thankfully just days away- it’s almost time to lace up your shoes, brave the elements, and face your fears once again.

So without further adieu, here’s a breakdown of three upcoming obstacle course races in New York for all you fitness and thrill enthusiasts!


Spartan Stadium Sprint

Get ready to maneuver your way through twenty plus obstacles over this three mile adrenaline packed course. Suitable for all levels but primarily for beginners, the Sprint is a great way to dip your feet into the obstacle race craze. Various difficulty levels are offered such as the below “waves”.

  • Elite Wave – Want the opportunity to win money? Conquer the course and crush the competition and you can line your pockets with a 500 dollars. But be warned, fail any obstacle and be prepared to hit the ground and perform 30 burpees.
  • Competitive Wave – Following the same stricter format as Elite Wave, but without the prize money. This level is geared towards people who’d rather not compete in the ultra competitive Elite Wave.   
  • Open Waves – For the casual racertake your time as you traverse your way through the course. Best part? Burpees are optional.

Unsure if you would be handle the course by yourself? No problem. Spartan offers the opportunity to race as a team. With a minimum of four people- build your squad and tackle the course head on. Roster size is unlimited and the more people you add to to your team, the more money you save as well.

Event Details:

Date:  April 21, 2018

Location: Citi Field-126-01 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing, NY, United States

Price: $94 to $200


Tough Mudder

Famous for their orange headbands and celebratory beer at the finish line, the Tough Mudder is arguably the most recognized of the obstacle course races. Created in 2010, over three million people worldwide have attempted to tame the gruelling terrain with a staggering ten to fifteen thousand per race. Over 10-12 miles in length and taking approximately three hours to complete, there’s a reason “only” 78 percent of people are able to finish.  So what type of impediments can you expect? Here are some of their signature obstacles.

Signature Obstacles:

  • Berlin Walls – One of Tougher Mudders original obstacles, teamwork and cooperation is required to negotiate your way over these looming 10-foot walls. Testing your upper body strength and sheer will power, these walls won’t be toppled easily.  
  • Underwater Tunnels – Channel your inner Navy Seal for this water based event.  Submerge yourself under a series of barrels and try to navigate your way to the other side. Oh, did we forget the mention the water will be freezing?
  • Ladder To Hell – Terrified of heights?  Then you might not want to look down for this one. Scale up a 12-foot structure made up of towering tree trunks and slowly inch your way to the other side. 
  • Greased Lightning – Remember Slip and Slide when you were a kid? Well imagine that, but with a greased-up tarp and hurdling yourself into a pool of disgusting muddy water. Happy travels.

Event Details:

Date: July 21, 2018

Location: Old Bethpage Restoration- 1303 Round Swamp Road, Old Bethpage NY

Cost $119-$220



Rugged Maniac

Catching the eye of billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban after appearing on Shark Tank in 2013Rugged Maniac has been one investment with a great return on equity. Located in 30 locations all across the United States and Canada, Rugged Maniac has officially caught the attention of racers by forming partnerships with the American Cancer Society,  Men’s and Women’s Health Magazine, and Nascar. Not as arduous an undertaking as the other two options, each three mile course sports 25 obstacles with an expected finish time of 30 to 60 minutes. Some obstacles you can expect to see are the following.

  • Pyromaniac– Hopefully you’re proud of your vertical, because if you’re not, you might struggle attempting to jump over rows of burning logs.
  • Balance or Bust – Feel like walking the plank? Try to balance yourself over these thin wooden walkways as you slowly make your way to the other side. Slip and fall? Say hello to cold, muddy water.  
  • Claustrophobia – Get down and dirty and squeeze your way through these underground tunnels.

Event Details:

Date:  July 21, 2018

Location: Long Island Sports Park: 159 Edwards Avenue, Calverton, New York

Price: $49-$100


Training Station Athletic Club

There you have it. Three courses.Three new opportunities to test your mettle against three of the toughest courses known to man. Experience the bond and support of fellow fitness enthusiasts, revel in the post race celebrations, and push your body to places not previously known.


The clock is ticking. Think you have what it takes?


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