Top 4 Fitness Trends for 2018

Top 4 Fitness Trends for 2018

With 2017 coming to a close, new trends will come to rise in the fitness world. In order for you to get a head start, Training Station is here to inform you of what we believe the top 4 fitness trends will be for 2018.

2017 was a huge year for boxing. It is a great way to exercise because it is a full-body workout. According to, one hour in a class can burn between 420 to 640 calories! These sessions may also include activities such as jumping rope, making it also a great way to get a cardio exercise. At Training Station, we offer incredible boxing classes! Come sign up for a class and see for yourself why boxing will be a great way to get fit in 2018!

Wearable Fitness Technology
Over the past few years, wearable technology in fitness has become a rising trend that we don’t see it going away anytime soon. Wearable fitness technology not only helps provide more insight into how your body performs during your workout but also for your overall health outside of exercising! Now you can easily track your heart-rate, the number of steps you take in a day. Or, when combined with an app, you can even incorporate tracking what you eat with your workouts to help you maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. In 2018, we predict more people will be incorporating wearable technology into their workouts.

HIIT Classes
At Training Station, we believe HIIT classes will continue to grow into more mainstream workouts over 2018. For those of you who don’t know, High-Intensity Interval Training is an enhanced, intense and highly time-efficient form of interval training that conditions the whole body, boosting fitness, strength, stamina and overall physical functionality. According to Time Health, “HIIT is a combination of brief, very-high intensity bursts of cardio exercise followed by equal or longer periods of rest.” Training Station offers HIIT classes so sign up for one in 2018!

The last of the fitness trends for 2018 we have for you is yoga. For hundreds of years, yoga has been a popular way to achieve fitness. This class offers many different health benefits including an increase in stability, balance, and stamina. It can also reduce stress and may even lower blood pressure! According to one study, roughly 28 million Americans are actively practicing this fitness trend today! We expect that number to continue increasing over 2018 and more years to come. If you are looking to get in on this extraordinary workout in the upcoming year, Training Station offers great options for yoga classes.

At Training Station, we offer tons of classes and amenities, delivering a high-end gym service at affordable rates. Start today and get a head start on your 2018 fitness goals.

Are you already above the fitness trends? Let us know in the comments what you plan on doing for your fitness in 2018! nike air max hombre nike air max hombre

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