Staying Positive When Feeling Discouraged

Staying Positive When Feeling Discouraged

We’ve all been there, feeling tired after a long day of work.  Where all you want to do is sit at home, unwind, and watch your favorite show on television. You tell yourself that tomorrow will be the day you work “extra hard”, or that tomorrow you’ll start that new bodypump class. It’s times like these when you have to push through those mental walls, fend off those feelings of exhaustion, and persevere by staying positive.

Staying positive is a key factor in exercising. And yet when you’re feeling down, it’s awfully hard sometimes to muster up the motivation to head to the gym.  That’s why here at Training Station Athletic Club, located in Port Washington and Glen Cove, we’ve compiled a list of four ways to combat complacency and boost your positivity.  

    1. Signing up for a fitness class– Rather than going to the gym to workout by yourself, sign up for a group fitness class. By committing to a class, you will be more inclined to show up and workout.
    2. Workout with a friend– If you aren’t going to train for yourself, do it for a friend. Having a workout buddy can keep you motivated to show up since you know they will be waiting for you. The gym doesn’t have to be just for working out, it can also be a great social spot for you and your friend.
    3. Watch what you eat– If you plan to workout in the evening, be aware of what you are eating throughout the day. Eating foods like blueberries, spinach, and pecans can not only provide your body with the boost of energy it needs, but also are known to increase focus, elevate mood, and control your stress.
    4. Don’t overdo it– Have you ever set a goal for the gym at the beginning of the day, but as the hours come and go, you begin to dread your workout? If you aren’t feeling up to exercising, don’t strain yourself. Setting micro-challenges for yourself rather than a comprehensive workout can give you the motivation you need to push through and accomplish your goals.


Training Station Athletic Club
We all have our own goals set in our mind. Where we want our health to be and how our bodies to look, varies from person to person. And if you choose to not workout due to lack of motivation, here are some questions you need to ask yourself. How much farther away will you be from your goal? Are you going to regret later you didn’t workout? Knowing the answers might spur you into action and out of your temporary malaise. Getting in a rut is easy. It’s how you respond, that’s important.

So next time you’re feeling discouraged or down, keep in mind these four simple strategies, stay positive and go work out! nike air max 1 nike air max 1

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